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    BMWW Logistics Co., Ltd.
    +68 755-22320707
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    BMWW Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international logistics company, H/Q established in Shenzhen, China, all key persons with over 10 years experience in integrated transportation and developing quickly recently, we are offering professional service to our clients all over the world.

    We are one of the best solution providers in China offering customized services based on customers¡¯ requirements including supplier checking, goods and loading inspection, warehousing, trucking, consolidation, customs clearance, distribution and the other value added services. Even if it is oversized cargo, heavy cargo, DG cargo, cargo to participate in International fairs, such as plant moving, or simply the factory relocation, We have enough practice and experience regarding safety, economy and delivery of cargo on time.

    We are a member of World Cargo Association (WCA) and NVOCC. In addition to the Shenzhen head office, BMWW Logistics now has agencies in main ports and cities all over the world. We¡¯re proud of our experienced team, advanced idea of service and good reputation. And we¡¯re still on the way of improving and expanding.

    Think what you thinking, mind what you minding!

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